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High Efficiency Solar Panel Innovation...

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The Sun Loves LG High Efficiency Solar Panel Innovation Efficiency refers to the amount of power your panels can produce when the sun is shining on them, and it is worth considering prior to your purchase. Understanding the technology, knowing the terminology, and learning what kinds of questions to ask installers will make it easier for you to pick a panel that will generate more energy, more of the time. Back around 2012, the most efficient panel on the market was able to capture 17.8 percent of the energy available to it. Today, the conventional panel has around 19 percent efficiency, while the LG NeON® R offers 23 percent efficiency.

The high-efficiency panel can generate almost 20 percent more energy than the conventional panel. Over the decades, this difference becomes even more significant. This helps in reducing your family’s demand for energy derived from the burning of fossil fuels and creates more energy that you can sell back to your local utility provider. LG provides you with this level of efficiency by investing heavily in research and development, manufacturing their own panels and monitoring their quality every step of the way. The LG NeON® R bi-facial panel is the future of solar. It absorbs light from the front and back of the panel – where the technology allows the panel to generate electricity from ambient reflected light. In ideal conditions, it can generate up to 27 percent more electricity than panels designed to only absorb light from the front. Although this technology is not suited to rooftop mounted systems, LG continues to demonstrate its dedication to research and innovation. In many cases available, unshaded roof space is the limiting factor for the size of the system you can install. In this case, efficiency is critical to determining the total output a system can generate. Efficient panels generate more energy, in less space.

For example, LG’s 350W NeON® 2 is the same size as the conventional 270W panel, an increase of 22% more electricity generated per square foot. While high-efficiency panels produce more than their conventional counterparts during the time that the sun is at its highest in the sky, they also provide so much more than that. They offer a longer peak period than their counterparts and produce more energy when the sun is not at its peak. High-efficiency panels will also produce more energy in sub-optimal weather conditions, like rain, snow or cloud cover. They are able to generate more power, more of the time. Solar Panel Efficiency is Improving Efficient Solar Panels Help You Maximize Your Roof’s Potential Efficiency Means More Peak Performance Hours, Every Day When solar panels get hot their electricity production is impacted. While all solar panels suffer a decrease in production, the extent of the problem varies. High quality panels such as LG’s NeON R perform better in the high temperatures due to their improved temperature coefficient. The cheapest solution is not always the best value. Because of their ability to generate more power, more of the time, in smaller spaces, good quality panels can offer a significantly better long-term return on investment. Good quality panels will come with a warranty and performance guarantee, saving you money in the long run by not having to replace panels or deal with performance issues.

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