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About Us

When you choose ARTGREEN to oversee the design and installation of your solar panel system, you’re choosing a reliable team that will never compromise on quality.


With detailed, transparent installation processes and

a crystal-clear outline of what we intend to do and how we achieve your goals, we work with our customers to always ensure a satisfactory outcome.

Free Solar Consultation


"Consistently Good in Quality or Performance; Able to Be Trusted."


Save Money by Going Solar

We offer the highest quality products and services at the most affordable prices in your region.


We believe that consultation, assessment, and installation are just as important as the solar panels themselves, so when you buy through us, all of these services are included in our price.


You can be confident that you are getting clean, eco-friendly, affordable alternative energy solutions when you call us. Our team of professionals will walk you through every step of the solar installation process and make sure that you are informed on every decision being made.

Solar Panel Installation Los Angeles and Surrounding Areas

At ARTGREEN, we do not compromise quality. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing well. That is why all installation equipment and materials are high quality, industry standard, guaranteed to serve you for an extended period.
Each system is thoroughly inspected through a 10-point quality control test.

While other companies make use of subcontractors, we take the extra step in training our team of technical experts.

This allows us to keep a consistent and, most importantly, safe installation.

This is what makes us stand out from other solar panel companies in Los Angeles. We will always offer you the very best.

We are a nationwide provider of solar energy solutions, offering top-tier products and services across a multitude of functions. If you are looking to harness the sun’s energy to power your home or business, we have the perfect solution for you. Our solar panel experts are highly qualified; each and every employee undergoes a comprehensive training program to ensure that they are prepared to offer our commercial and residential customers the highest quality services,

beginning at the consulting stage all the way through to final installation and maintenance.

When you choose us, you will be amazed at the quality and efficiency of our Los Angeles Solar Panel Installation services.

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Our team of well-trained, highly skilled technical experts will keep you up-to-date with the evaluation, assessment and eventual installation of your panels. You will never be kept in the dark. In case you have any questions or concerns they will always be ready to provide the right and satisfactory answers to each and every one of your inquiries. Our team is always on standby to provide appropriate answers to your questions and personalize your service where and when needed.


With our years of experience in solar panel installation in Los Angeles, you are guaranteed that all installation will be handled with care.

No damage will happen to your property. We will be responsible for handling the hard stuff, while we keep you informed every step of the way. No mistakes are made. You have no reason to fret, worry, or even stress over any part of the process. We have your best interest at heart. We will perfectly handle the installation job, while we leave you to take care of other pressing matters.

State of The ART GREEN Solutions

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